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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  December 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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focus in iowa. >> reporter: you're right, shawn. right from the start, ron paul's campaign focused on iowa from the very beginning in the hopes of scoring an early victory. they were organized and aggressionive in getting out the votes for the congressman. with no clear front runner in the national race, the other candidates decided they couldn't afford to surrender to iowa and they're going all n. ron paul is not -- has in the spent much time in the spotlight in the campaign but that changeed in iowa. the real clear politics average has ron paul with a slight lead over mitt romney. and while newt gingrich has dropped to 14%, rick perry has rizzen to 12% and with some time running out, the texas congressman is finding out the opponents' new ads are aimed at congress. >> the experience of balancing budget is desperately needed in washington and i will take it there. >> if washington's the problem, why trust a congressman to fix it? >> new ads are only part of the
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battle. rick santorum is haunted -- hunting with iowa conservatives and newt gingrich is calling mitt romney a massachusetts liberal. rick perry, mean while s trying to resurrect his profile. >> i am the fiscal conservative in this race. >> reporter: with the new hampshire primaries one week after the caucuses, the candidates are going after a particular block of iowa voters. >> they're so divided over who to support. >> reporter: jill lawrence, the managing editor of politics for the national journal said evangelical christians are key in iowa. whoever wins them, should win the caucus. >> it's heavily evangelical and there are many evangelicals smith the votes and many candidates are trying to prove they are the true conservative. >> reporter: what remains to be proven is if iowa will let one candidate deal a knockout blow to the others or if the republican campaign continues on without a clear front runner
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and it's important to note that caucuses are different than what we're used to. the speeches will begin at 7:00 p.m. on next tuesday in iowa. the voters will fill out the ballots. with many capped daylights in the race now and -- candidates in the race now and few voters expected, shape, as few as 40,000 voters could decide who wins this. >> thank you, tom fitzgerald. >> a -- tom fitzgerald. >> a tom virginia is calling the primary an embarrassment. they told wtop radio that the ballot requirements might be too strict. only mitt romney and ron paul filed enough signatures to get on the virginia ballot. newt gingrich missed the friday deadline and he's a resident of virginia. and congressional lawmakers want us to believe like the rest of us, but a new report shows a growing wage gap between members of congress and american voters. their media net worth is $900,000. roll call released -- the richest member in the house.
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at number one, republican representative, michael mccall of texas, worth 294 million. number two, darrell issa, 220 million; number three, massachusetts senator, democrat john kerry worth 193 million. number 4, jay rock filler from west virginia at 81 million virginia -- jay rockefeller from west virginia at 81 million warner at 76 million. paul singer is back with us tonight. good to see you again. >> how are you? >> and there is no secret you have to be a -- have money to be a regular number of congress. the surprise is the growing wealth gap between the lawmakers and copstudyients. the media house number of a house member increased but decreased for the american people. any idea why it's grow something. >> the post did a nice job with the story, over 20 years, seeing the dispairt increase. part of what you see happening
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is -- congressional campaigns cost more money than ever before and they're growing in costs. the people running for congress are wealthier. it requires a wealthier person to run and this whole series of questions, once inning can, can you use your knowledge and influence to increase your investments and wealth. that is trickier to nail down. >> members of congress are not subjected to the same rules you and i are when it comes to what they call insider trading. that may not be what they're call it on the hill, but do the rules need to be changed regarding this? >> and there is some willing kicked around to prevent people from trading on what they know about some legislation. i'll warn you, particularly for a washington audience, it's an interesting question what happens if you're a lobbyist or journalist who knows a lot of inside information about how legislation is advancing, can you invest on that or sell that
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information to your clients or readers? it becomes a gray area. >> what is the answer to that, do you know? >> i don't know and this is -- i sort of poke at this guy, a friend of mine interested in this bail and saying you're right about the bill. yeah, i'll write about the bill, you tell me. are you certain that journalists are out of it? >> yeah. the answer is well, maybe, may be not. >> very interesting and we'll be watching. we know you will do a great job. >> we try. thank you search. >> paul singer, investigative reporter for roll call, thank you for coming in again. >> my pleasure. you have seen the top five and we'll show you the rest of the top 10 richest men of congress in a few minutes. and club out what we found. a huge rainbowa, peered over northwest d.c. we caught this from the tower cam this afternoon. >> reporter: it's moved to the
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east and that is showing it quickly advancing. a line of broken showers across the bay and this is what they're have done in the last half hour and a broken line to hold together through most of delaware and to southern maryland. they're more than a quarter of an each for some and to -- an inch for some and to a half an inch for others and most of fairly light and had some moderate and some heavy rain showers cruising out of here. now, 24 miles an hour wind gusts for national; quantico, 20; fredericksburg, 26; the winds are with us all night
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long and some gusts for tomorrow. >> new details about the blind man who disappeared 11 days ago in a crowded train station. his family will its us he got on the wrong train and they have no idea where he handed -- ended up. on december 16th, mitch will smith's relatives dropped him off headed for alabama and his grandmother tells us it was amtrak's responsibility to get him on the right train. he ended up on the wrong train and reluctantly agreed to get off in charlotte and transfer. >> he slept some and periodically would be awake and hear the train stopping and be concerned if this was the charlotte stop. >> the amtrak spokesperson is working with police in charlotte to figure out what happened. and in maryland, someone broke into a museum and stole a historic patchwork quilt that has laws and early writing from
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the early 1960s. the benjamin bannikker park wants the quilt back and is offering a cash reward. >> a fredericksburg family said someone broke into the home before christmas and opened all of their presents and didn't steal one of them and they got into a home by opening the window. police are investigating. >> if you think you own your twitter account, you may not. an upcoming court decision could change the rules of social media forever. and last night, the wizards made their home and season debut at verizon center and welcome the lonely nats, the two teams didn't knock it out of the park and this season, not looking great other. john wall, that is kind of how that went yesterday. more of the post mortem on a bad day downtown, shawn. coming up next. and as promised, this is the rest of the thompson list of the richest members of congress, according to roll call. we're back in two minutes. 
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>> veterans returning home from iraq and afghanistan are having a had time -- hard time finding a job. a colorado senator has a big plan -- big plan to turn things around. senator michael bennett introduced legislation. the federal money will go to the community level to help veterans find work. >> and the idea really came from the vets themselves who were saying we know more than anyone else, there are plenty of people to help our vets and- or-not well-coordinated and don't have structures to reinvent the wheel here. >> and that proposal is modeled after a new program, having a
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web-based resource for military families and families say it's a huge help. >> who opens a twitter account? a tech writer is being sued by his boss whose took 17,000 twitter followers and that he started the a count and the company views his list as a customer list and want $2.50 per follower. kravitz thinks their formula is flawed. >> to use their evaluation and applied it to lady gag -- gaga's account that would value more that the gross domestic product. >> they're trying to protect their intellectual property. the outcome could establish precedent for ownership of social media accounts. >> and 2011, the year of the consumer, and the year the consumer spoke up. taking a look back at the top business headlines.
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first, scientists have an a seenment for you and they need help fining evidence of aliens on the move and there could be signs of extra terrestial life if we look hard enough. and they're considering the volunteers -- and more than a million collected over the years. @@@@@úhd@h
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>> it's probably no surprise to you. the economy dominated headlines in 20 ref and consumers spoke out. the protestors took to the streets and the debt crisis and brenda butner has more. >> reporter: it was all economy in 2011. you don't need the fed to tell
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you it's still weak. unemployment is stubbornly high and the housing market can't seem to build and now we have to worry in the only about our own rising red ink, but a death mask overseas in europe and a, occupying headlines in 2011. the occupy wall street demonstrations. the protests against social inequality taking hold in new york city and then across the globe. they did drop slightly and that was near 9% and for the first time in history, the credit rating agency downgrade the rating from aaa, blaming the political failure to cut deficits. you, the consumer broke up. bank of america is -- that $5 monthly deb it card fee after a major backlash from customers
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and next, admitting it dropped the ball, too, and this is after 800,000 subscribers dropped their credit after the price increase. and after turkey day, there was record blast friday -- black friday spending. the first starting on thanksgiving. in the tech world. apple suffering a huge loss with the death of the cofounder steve jobs. the company is still seeing strong sales of the iphone and gee. >> i pad. and amazon heating up the tablet wars with the kindle fire and -- borders book store went belly up and american airlines, too. and ms global led by jon corzine filed for chapter 11 after making a disaster on
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european debt and investors keeping an eye on the debt even after the european union said all but one of the member countries are open to a new deal to tighten controls on spending and britain is the lone holdout. >> europe's debt crisis is far from over as markets still await a solid solution to the problem and moody's is not convinced and is reconsidering the credit rating of all european nations and this is as we enter the election year when the onomy will surely take center stage and in new york, brenda buttner, fox news. >> and it's nice to look back but overall, we had two weather- wise. >> yeah. >> not here. >> yeah. >> and had that one bad storm last week, car-ma-geddon. >> last year. >> and that is -- >> you said last week.
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>> pardon me. >> and getting the holiday sweep. part of the problem. >> and that is the way it is. will have been a nice day. >> and that is out of here now and tomorrow, the sun returns and blustering and blowing and some wind gusts tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon and evening about 40 miles an hour. for a time this afternoon and evening, we cleared out and had some is shine and that is worth seeing and we'll do it about 10, 11:00 and that is a shameless plug there and some broken clouds tonight. 44 did, the 3-day forecast and with some sunshine. thirty, 35 and maybe even some
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of them approaching 40 miles per hour and that can cause tree did. we're going to have some clouds. the temperatures around 45 degrees and some normal temperature this time of the year, 43, 44 degrees and on friday, 52 degrees on friday and we're into the lower 50s and should have some oned from as well. the jet stream changeed and we're not tacking about some brilliant sunshine but the mixture of clouds and sun and that is taking us through the rest of the year and into this holiday weekend. reagan national today, 55 degrees and to the west, though, 46 and winds out of the southwest at 12 miles an hour
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and some gusts to 24, 25 and showers east, breezy at 9 and 11. the didmyishing clouds and leave night tonight, we'll be coming partly cloudy for everyone and with that quick look of temperatures. the rain now is steadily moving to the east and that is clearing the bay and to delaware. and becoming partly cloudy overnight, tonight it's breezy and tomorrow, it will be windy and with that mixture of the clouds and sun and by 5:00, breezeet and temperatures into the low 40s and upper 30s and we're kind of stuck in the same basic pattern the rest of the year. >> and at least it's not -- [ indiscernible ] >> yes. >> all right, thank you, gary. sports and politics are the hot topics in d.c. and this is what is trending online.
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some of the tweeter topics include the iowa caucus, mitt romney, newt gingrich, rainy weather and drew brees and we'll tell you why drew brees is trending on -- twitter. the sportsedge is next. turns to winter and brings in the cold. because of our economy, millions more will feel that chill than ever before. they're the forgotten ones. the big boys have abused the system to enrich only themselves, while workers are still hurting.
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it could be a layoff after 22 years of working for the same company. or choosing between food and heat for a sick child. or after working your whole life, you don't have what you need to stay warm. you played by the rules, but who changed them? even though oil prices are soaring to record levels, in washington, fuel aid for the poor was cut in half. citizens energy asked big oil companies and oil producing nations to help. they all said 'no,' expect for citgo and the people of venezuela. for the last 7 years, citgo has helped struggling families in the united states in good times and in bad. so if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call. because no one should be left out in the cold.
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. last night's wizards opening was not one for the records book. and it was a tease, a facade, a non-truth and didn't last. the fans filed out and feeling empty again. the great passing on plays like this from john wall to ronnie and andrei blatch to help the wizards with a 38-17 lead and that is to eight at the half. the nets rally continues and chris humphreys -- kris humphreys, the former mr.
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kardashian, 21 points and less than 30 seconds to go and with that turnover and four. the fall to the nets, 90-84 in that season opener. >> usually when you get big like that, the teams are going to make runs and how you respond to the runs and i thought we responded in a selfish way. rather, we got 20 and the team basketball and doing that the right way and went away fromha. >> and oned with in atlanta. the redskins released ryan tulane, with 732 yards. entered the training camp as the favorite to start and broke his left hand during a training camp practice and the redskins traded for tim hightower and
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rushed for 135 yards and that touchdown on 19 carries against the rams and in to week four. the rookie stepped in for ineffective terrain and lost for $100-yards in three consecutive games and with that first rookie runningback to accomplish that feat. and replacing for 132 yards in his first and a half start. the head coach did not mention his name. >> can you see we have doubt, you know, i think he's done a fantastic job and with that coming in and taking victim of the opportunity. i thought he did a great job and got hurt and there is some den sig. last night, the saints hosting the falcons and drew brees with 305-yards to is the
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a new single season passing record and the nine yards for the fourth touchdown of the game, the final of the game and that gave him 5,087 yards and with some dolphins, pressing them,ive from-16 and clinged the title, 98 yards above the nfl average. i'm dave feldman. back to you. >> and thank you. >> now you have the news edge. the news is always on we'll see you tonight at 10. 
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